C-41 AUTO Scans

C-41 Auto ScansAutomatically includes a quicker turnaround time (2-3 business days) without the need to pay for a rush order.

Includes auto-scanner adjustments only (no custom color profiles or manual color correction).  The negative is fed into the scanner and each frame is auto-corrected by the scanner using built-in color and density algorithms.  This scan service is ideal for a photographer who is confident that the film has been metered correctly and the exposures are very consistent.  This is also a great service for a beginner photographer who is just starting out and wants to evaluate different film stocks.  Additional editing such as cropping, color, toning, and density may be needed to achieve a finished product.   All of these differences are corrected in Premium Scans but are left as-is for Auto Scans.   

We offer push/pull services at no additional cost!
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How to Send Film

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We offer two drop-off locations

  • Donelson
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Follow packaging instructions and mail to:

Boutique Film Lab
569 Stewarts Ferry Pike
Nashville, TN 37214


Boutique Film Lab
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brandontomlin photographer

Killer lab that always delivers in service!


garland gallaspy

Unparalleled service.
In a world that is becoming increasingly disposable, it is comforting to know there are still others that champion the permanence of film.
As of this writing, I’ve used them for 18 months & roughly 140 35mm rolls; flawless quality control each and every time. Also the best value I’ve found in eight surrounding states.
We should all aspire to be as devoted to our art & our passions as they are to theirs. I thank them for keeping up & winning the good fight.

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