C-41 Premium Scans

C-41 Premium Scans – Includes in-scanner adjustments as well as additional post-processing corrections for final color, density and contrast. The end result should be a fully edited image ready to deliver to your client. We are also happy to work with you to build a custom color profile, which will help ensure that that we are delivering a consistent product that matches your style.

4x5 Normal4x5 Large

We offer push services (up to 2 stops) at no additional cost!

How to Send Film

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Decide whether to drop-off film in person or mail it in


We offer two drop-off locations

  • Mount Juliet
  • East Nashville

More details Here


Following packaging instructions and mail to:

Boutique Film Lab 800 Tall Oak Trl,
Mount Juliet, TN 37122



Jake Dubs

PERFECT! Part of the reason I enjoy film is waiting to see how your pictures turned out. The excitement builds up as each day passes. This time however, I needed something ASAP. These guys did a wonderful job taking a 2 day rush order especially under quarantine. Could not ask for better service 🙂


Ricardo Navas

Wow I just love doing business with them, they are extremely professional and they do an amazing job. In few ocassions I been able to get a store credit after I had made mistakes placing my orders, that integrity right there! Thank you guys I really appreciate the job you are doing. @ricardonavasphotography @ricardonavasfilm

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