Film Lab FAQs

How do I send you film?

  1. Place an order
  2. Decide whether to drop-off film or mail it in.
  3. DROP-OFF  We offer two drop-off locations.  More details HERE
  4. MAIL-IN Put film in a padded envelope or small box. It is also best if the film is a moisture-proof bag to prevent any damage.  Packages can be shipped via any carrier (USPS, FedEx, UPS, etc).  However, most customers find that USPS is the most economical.  Please include your name in the return address or include the order number on the outside of the package.  Optionally, you can print out the PDF from your order confirmation email and include inside the package.  Mail to:  Boutique Film Lab – 569 Stewarts Ferry Pike, Nashville, TN 37214

*It is NOT advisable to mail film with stamps due to the potential for insufficient postage.  Film packages are non-machinable and therefore have to meet the minimum First Class Rate.

Do you sell new film?

Yes, we do!  It can be ordered HERE. Local customers can pick-up online orders from our Donelson storefront.

Can you process disposable cameras?

Yes we can!  These can be ordered as standard 35mm film.  There is no additional charge for these cameras.

Can you process film from half-frame cameras?

Yes we can!  We will scan/print each of these frame individually and there is no additional charge for this.  It can be ordered as any other 35mm film.

What is your turnaround time?

We are a boutique shop, so times will vary based on availability.  Sometimes we will be able to able to turn around an order very fast, but sometimes it might take longer than the estimate (especially during peak wedding season).  E-6, or ECN-2 film may also increase turnaround time.

    • C-41 Premium & Basic Scans, & B&W – 4-5 business days
    • C-41 Auto Scans  – 2 business days
    • E-6 / ECN-27 business days
    • Process-Only: C-41/B&W3 business days | E-6/ECN-25 business Days
    • Prints added to an order will ship within 1-2 days after receiving your scans

The day after the lab receives your film counts as day 1.  Lab business days are Mon-Fri.

Holidays may affect turnaround time.  See closures

Do you offer rush turnaround?

Yes.  We can offer a 2 day delivery for 50% and 1 day delivery for 100% of the order total.  Select these options at checkout. 

We also offer a same day rush option (available in-store only).  Cost is 150% of the order total and must be checked-in by 3PM.

How do I receive my scans?

We deliver JPG files via email download link (Google Drive).  For TIFF orders we request that you send in a USB drive with your film. This will be returned with your negatives.

How do I receive my negatives?

We can return negatives cut or uncut.  35mm film is cut into strips of 4 frames each and sleeved.  120 film is cut into 4 strips (frame length varies by format) and sleeved.  For uncut rolls these are put into a long sleeve with a side flap.  Orders that are not scanned (Process-Only) will be returned UNCUT regardless of what is specified on the order.  We do this to since we don’t know how these will be scanned and preferences in frame length vary.  We usually hold negatives for 1-2 weeks after the order is completed to allow for customer questions and/or re-scans.  After that time the order will be shipped.  For local pickup orders customers will receive a reminder email to pickup negatives/prints after the order is completed.  BFL will make every effort to hold negatives for up to 6 months, but can’t guarantee availability beyond that time.

Do you offer prints?

Yes we do!  We offer prints on several paper types and sizes range from 3.5 x 5 up to 24″ in width.  More details HERE

What developers do you use?

  • C-41: Kodak Flexicolor
  • B&W: Ilford Ilfotec RT

What file format do you use?

By default we deliver scans in JPG format @ 300dpi. However we also offer TIFF files for $20 per order. Due to large file size, we request that you provide a USB thumb drive or hard drive.  Select this option at checkout.

When are upcoming lab closures?

2024 Dates:

January 15th, Martin Luther King Day

February 19th, President’s Day

May 27th, Memorial Day

July 4th, Independence Day

September 2nd, Labor Day

November 28th-29th, Thanksgiving

December 24th-26th, Christmas

January 1st 2025, New Year’s Day

Why are B&W scans more expensive?

B&W Film is not compatible with Digital ICE technology.  While we try to maintain a clean working environment, dust is inevitable.  Dust on scans will have to be removed manually as part of post-processing.

Additionally, each type of B&W Film has to be processed separately due to different development times.

Can you push Film?

Yes!  We offer this service at no extra charge for B&W and C-41 film, and a nominal charge for E-6 and ECN-2 film.  We can also pull B&W film if needed.

What scanners do you use?

We scan on the Fuji Frontier SP3000 and the Noritsu HS-1800. The Frontier offers highly sought after skin tones and gives an overall pleasing color palette. The Noritsu offers unparalleled highlight retention and can create ultra high resolution files for very large prints. Both scanners produce very nice results and the right scanner for you comes down to personal preference.



Normal – 2000 x 3000 6.0MPLarge – 3647 x 5444  19.8MPX-Large**4492 x 6744 30.3MP

35mm Panoramic (XPAN, Widelux, etc)

Normal – 5444 x 2055 11.2MPLarge – 8786 x 3600  31.6MPX-Large**10964 x 4492 49.2MP


Normal – 2285 x 3035 6.9MPLarge – 3047 x 4047 12.3MPX-Large – 3533x 4816 17.0MP


Normal – 3035 x 3035 9.2MPLarge – 3635 x 3635 13.2MPX-Large**4800 x 4847 23.0MP


Normal – 3047 x 3797 11.5MPLarge – 3647 x 4547 16.5MPX-Large**4800 x 5994 28.5MP

**Noritsu Only
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