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Sometimes the original way to do things is still the best way — in this case, that’s developing film by mail. You shoot on film for a reason. Maybe it’s the process of shooting rolls of film or the unique and satisfying aesthetic of a film print. Either way, film suits you. 

While shooting on film is fun, getting it developed isn’t always the easiest next step. That’s where we come in. Here at Boutique Film Lab, we have positioned ourselves as any photographer or hobbyist’s one-stop shop for film developing by mail. 

Film developing by mail can be a straightforward, painless, and trusted process. Over the years we have simplified this into a few steps that get your film developed and back into your hands in the fastest way possible — all while ensuring negatives, prints, scans, and more are of the highest quality.

How Film Developing By Mail Works

Step 1: Package your film safely in a bubble wrapped or insulated envelope 

Step 2: Send your film to our Nashville location 

Step 3: Allow 5 – 7 business days for film developing, scanning and/or printing 

Step 4: Film negatives/prints will be shipped back shortly after the order is completed. 

Step 5: Enjoy your top-quality film products!

How To Send Us Film?

  1. Place an order
  2. Decide whether to drop-off film in person or mail it in.
  3. DROP-OFF  We offer two drop-off locations.  More details HERE
  4. MAIL-IN Put film in a padded envelope or small box. It is also best if the film is a moisture-proof bag to prevent any damage.  Packages can be shipped via any carrier (USPS, FedEx, UPS, etc).  However, most customers find that USPS is the most economical.  Please include your name in the return address or include the order number on the outside of the package.  Optionally, you can print out the PDF from your order confirmation email and include inside the package.  Mail to:  Boutique Film Lab – 569 Stewarts Ferry Pike Nashville, TN 37214

What Film We Develop By Mail

Our talented team here at Boutique Film Lab has extensive experience in the handling, development, and processing of nearly all film formats — even those that are no longer in favor or production. 

We can handle multiple varieties of 35 mm, 60 mm, and more. With the ability to develop in C-41 (color print), E-6 (slide), and full black-and-white, we offer clients the opportunity to have your film best match your vision.  

Film developing by mail gives you the flexibility to send your film rolls from anywhere in the country, get them processed by a world-class team, and back in your hands all in an industry leading turnaround time. With competitive pricing, first-rate product care, and a staff of experts, you can trust your film with us. 

Have further questions about film developing by mail? Get in touch today

Boutique Film Lab Mailing Address 

569 Stewarts Ferry Pike

Nashville, TN 37214

How to Send Film

Place an order

Decide whether to drop-off film in person or mail it in


We offer two drop-off locations

  • Donelson
  • East Nashville

More details Here


Follow packaging instructions and mail to:

Boutique Film Lab
569 Stewarts Ferry Pike
Nashville, TN 37214

We offer push services (up to 2 stops) at no additional cost!


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Jake Dubs

PERFECT! Part of the reason I enjoy film is waiting to see how your pictures turned out. The excitement builds up as each day passes. This time however, I needed something ASAP. These guys did a wonderful job taking a 2 day rush order especially under quarantine. Could not ask for better service 🙂


Ricardo Navas

Wow I just love doing business with them, they are extremely professional and they do an amazing job. In few ocassions I been able to get a store credit after I had made mistakes placing my orders, that integrity right there! Thank you guys I really appreciate the job you are doing. @ricardonavasphotography @ricardonavasfilm

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