Film Processing

Why Boutique Film Lab?

Boutique Film Lab is a full-service film lab dedicated to the preservation of analog photography. We provide a high-quality service at an affordable cost, giving everyone an opportunity to create on an analog medium. While the convenience of the digital world is nice, we want everyone to experience the joy of shooting with film.

Professional Film Processing Services

For our premium scanning services, we provide post-processing correction for color, density, and contrast for just about any type of film from 35mm, 120, 220, 110, 126, 4×5, and even rare formats such as XPAN, Disc film, and APS. We offer C-41 processing, B&W processing, and E6 & ECN-2 processing.

Basic scanning includes in-scanner adjustments only, but premium scans include post-scan processing (final corrections for color, density, and contrast). We utilize different developers depending on the type of processing (for C-41 we exclusively use Kodak Flexicolor chemistry and for B&W we typically use Kodak HC-110; however, other developers are available upon request). We also offer push and pull services at no extra charge.

Being the small boutique shop that we are, we take a personalized approach to every order and treat it as if it were our own. The end result is fully edited images (corrected for final color, density, and contrast) that are ready for you to enjoy or deliver to your client.

C-41 Premium Scans

Our C-41 premium scans include in-scanner adjustments and post-processing corrections These corrections include corrections for final density, color, and contrast. The end result is a fully edited image ready for printing and proofing.

C-41 Basic Scans

C-41 basic scans are ideal for photographers who want full control of the editing process. Basic scans include in-scanner adjustments only, additional post-processing correction such as color, toning, and density may be needed to achieve a finished product.

Black & White Scans

All B&W scans include additional post-processing for final tone curves, contrast, and removal of dust as needed. All of our B&W film is developed in a leader-card processor using Ilfotec RT developer, producing what we believe to be the best results for tonal range and control of the grain structure (other developers; D76, XTOL, and ID-11 available upon request).


E6 film, also called “slide film”, is the process for developing Ektachrome, Fujichrome, and other color reversal (slide) photographic film. Characteristics of slide film are that it is typically bright in color, has vivid saturation, and clarity. E-6 is the standard process for color reversal (slide) film, while C-41 is the standard processing for color negative (print) film. Although the end result for both is colored photos, the coloring is different due to the different chemical processes of each type.


This film was originally intended for motion picture cameras. It cannot be machine processed since it has a REM-JET coating (a black carbon layer which protects the film as it travels through the camera at high speeds). However, it is available for use in still photography and can be processed in special equipment where the chemistry it discarded after every batch. Film stocks such as (KODAK 500T, 50D, 250D) will be cross-processed in C-41 chemistry. NOTE: We DO NOT process motion picture lengths and can only accept roll film shot in a still camera.

If you shoot negative film, it will probably require C-41 processing. If you shoot positive film, it will require E-6 processing.

Click here for full pricing chart (includes process only and scan only services).

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