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120 format color negative, boasted to be the world’s finest grain film! CineStill 50D is an ISO 50/18° speed daylight balanced (5500K) motion picture emulsion. Technology borrowed from from Hollywood’s wunderkind, Kodak 50D, prepped and rolled for safe C-41 standard development as an ISO 50 film.

Our new and improved manufacturing process now extends the shelf life, with less noticeable artifacts after expiration! The same advanced motion picture emulsion, safe to process in standard C-41 photo lab machines or at home! This emulsion is optimized for a hybrid workflow, ideal for scanning, and produces a complimentary contrast curve for optical printing on RA-4 paper when processed in C-41 chemistry. Treat this film as a 50 ISO film when processing in C-41 and push process whenever needed.


Color Balanced Daylight (5500K) color negative motion picture film stock for use as still photography film
Factory spooled and boxed
Remjet backing free, resulting in a unique halation effect
Unrivaled highlight and shadow latitude
Dynamic accurate color rendition
High resolution with maximum sharpness
Enhanced Scanning Performance
Great for portraits and landscapes
Recommended to process C-41 without worrying about remjet