Black & White Film


All of our B&W film is developed in an Ilford FP40 leader-card processor using Ilfotec RT developer.

Process & Scan –  Includes B&W processing, scanning on Fuji Frontier or Noritsu HS-1800 scanner and additional post-processing for final tone curves, contrast and removal of dust as needed.  Scans are sent via email as a download link.

Process & Print – Includes B&W processing, a set of 4×6 prints, and an index print of the entire roll.  No scans are included.

Process-Only – This service includes developing only – (Negatives are returned UNCUT).  No scans or prints are included.

Scan-Only – This service is for negatives that are already developed and only need scanning.

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Black & White Negative Film Processing & Scanning Services

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Boutique Film Lab provides high-quality B&W film scanning and processing services at an affordable cost. We offer an intimate lab experience where we will not only process and scan your film, we will also work with you to build your skills as a film photographer.

While other retailers will just process your film through a machine, we take a much more detailed approach to make sure that your images turn out perfectly. Carefully inspecting your film and correcting tones, density, and contrast allows us to deliver a high-quality product to you at the end of our service.

All of our black and white film processing and scanning services include in-scanner adjustments as well as additional post-processing for final tone, curves, contrast, and removal of dust.

Also Good to Know:

  • All B&W film is developed in an Ilford FP40 leader-card processor using Ilfotec RT developer.
  • B&W Film will increase turnaround times; however, we do offer rush turnaround. Learn more on our FAQ page.
  • B&W scans are typically more expensive due to the fact that they are not compatible with Digital ICE technology and dust on scans will have to be removed manually as a part of post-processing. Also, each type of B&W film has to be processed separately due to different development times.
  • For under or overexposed film, we offer push or pull services at no extra charge for B&W

Film Sizes We Develop:

Scan Sizes:

  • Normal (8”)
  • Large (12”)
  • X-Large (16”)


  • Process & Scan
  • Process & Print
  • Scan-Only (Already Developed)
  • Process-Only (Negatives are returned UNCUT)
Film Size

35mm, 35mm Panoramic, 120, 220, 4×5, 110/126/127/130


Process & Scan, Process & Print, Scan-Only (Entire Roll), Scan-Only (Single Frame), Process-Only

Scan Size

Normal (8"), Large (12"), X-Large (16"), None

Push / Pull

None, Push +1, Push +2, Push +3, Pull -1, Pull -2, Pull -3

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