C-41 Film (Promo)


Free promo roll valid for new BFL customers only.  Limit 1 roll per customer.

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Free promo roll valid for new BFL customers only.  Limit 1 roll per customer.

Color Negative Film Processing & Scanning Services

Boutique Film Lab provides high-quality C-41 color film processing services at an affordable cost. We offer an intimate lab experience where we will not only process and scan your film, we will also work with you to build your skills as a film photographer.

While other retailers will just process your film through a machine, we take a much more detailed approach to make sure that your images turn out perfectly. Carefully inspecting your film and correcting color, density, and contrast allows us to deliver a high-quality product to you at the end of our service.

C-41 Basic Scans –
Basic scans are great for customers who want:

  • In-scanner adjustments only (additional post-processing corrections will only be made if absolutely needed to achieve finished product)
  • Full control of the editing process (good for photographers who like to edit their own photos)

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Additional C-41 Processing Details:

  • We develop C-41 film using Kodak Flexicolor chemistry. This developer is a long-time standard for processing Kodak color negative films in process C-41.
  • We offer push processing at no additional charge for C-41 film.  Max of 2 stops.
  • We scan on the Fuji Frontier SP3000 and the Noritsu HS-1800. The Frontier offers highly sought after skin tones and gives an overall pleasing color palette. The Noritsu offers unparalleled highlight retention and can create ultra-high resolution files for very large prints. Both produce very high-quality results

C-41 Scan Sizes:

  • Normal (8”)
  • Large (12”)
  • X-Large (16”)
Film Size

35mm, 120


Process & Basic Scan

Scan Size

Normal (8")


None, +1, +2

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