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E-6 Processing & Scanning Services – For the film purist, there is nothing quite like the bright colors, vivid saturation and clarity of true slide film.

Process & Print – Includes E-6 processing, a set of 4×6 prints, and an index print of the entire roll.  No scans are included.

Process-Only – This service includes developing only – (Negatives are returned UNCUT).  No scans or prints are included.

Scan-Only – This service is for negatives that are already developed and only need scanning.

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  • This option allows us to scan the entire negative up to the sprocket holes (but does NOT include the sprockets). This results in an uncropped frame and gives a unique border around the entire image. Frontier Scanner Only (Normal & Large).


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E-6 Processing & Scanning Services

For the film purist, there is nothing quite like the bright colors, vivid saturation, and clarity of true slide film.

E-6 film, also called “slide film”, is the process for developing Ektachrome, Fujichrome, and other color reversal (slide) photographic film. E-6 processing is the standard practice for color reversal (slide) film, while C-41 is the standard processing for color negative (print) film. Although the end result for both is colored photos, the coloring is different due to the different chemical processes of each type.

Here at Boutique Film Lab, we take E-6 processing seriously. We understand that your film is unique, special, and important to you. Therefore, getting your E-6 film developed and ready to share with the world is a decision you don’t take lightly. The characteristics attached to “old fashion” film bring it to life and capture moments in ways that digital photography can’t replicate. The coloring and aesthetic appearance of E-6 film make it stand out in ways that can’t be ignored. 

While the film does this on its own, our high-quality E-6 processing practices here at Boutique Film Lab deliver photographers their produced film with unmatched results. For every artist, hobbyist, and photographer alike, we take a personalized approach to everyone’s film. Our quality standards ensure that every customer’s film is handled with strict care and consideration, while your specific E-6 processing requests or accommodations are met. 

E-6 film is one-of-a-kind, and every roll that comes to our shop is treated as if it’s our own film that we just shot. We will work closely with you to meet and exceed your E-6 processing expectations so that your developments perfectly reflect the moments you capture. With quick turnaround and service across the country, we are equipped to get your E-6 film processed and back into your hands as soon as the color dries.

Film Sizes We Develop:

Scan Sizes:

  • Normal (8”)
  • Large (12”)
  • X-Large (16”)
  • None

E-6 Processing Services:

  • Process & Scan
  • Scan-Only (Already Developed)
  • Process-Only (Negatives are returned UNCUT)
  • Single Frame Scan
Film Size

35mm, 35mm Mounted Slide, 120, 220, 4×5


Process & Scan, Process & Print, Scan-Only, Process-Only, Single Frame Scan

Scan Size

Normal (8"), Large (12"), X-Large (16"), None

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